"I gave these to each of my adult children for a combined Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day Gift. I expected a lesser product and was genuinely surprised! They are very well made with quality materials. Very sturdy. The tripod portion is adjustable to provide excellent support and balance,. The tilting mechanism is an added plus I did not expect to find at this price point. Folded up in the carry bag, it is no larger than my folding chair and as a 61 year old 5"2" woman, I had no trouble carrying both out to my grandson's ball game. Our family now has 4 of these (I got all blue ones) and we plan to use them at a couples' lawn party-wedding shower next month. They are that nice!" - Irish Louisanian

"We recently purchased two Wondershades for Christmas gifts for our sun-loving daughters. We purchased one a few years ago, and it was great---and borrowed often! It packs up and carries easily--for picnics, 3-on-3 basketball games, outside concerts, and of course the BEACH! Enjoy!" - amadandi

"This is my third one..with six grandkids and all into is a lifesaver..especially in hot weather!! Highly recommend it." - Gammyhealth

"This umbrella rocked! We go to lacrosse games and tournaments every summer and it never fails to be hot without a lot of shade. This umbrella looked perfect for our needs and it was. It's very portable, set up was easy, and seems to be a well put together unit - right down to the cupholders. Didn't have any problems with it being stable - and I love that you can tilt the umbrella to your needs. Many people around us thought it was cool. The fact that it's portable, and provides ample coverage for two people - is terrific. I highly, highly recommend this to any parent who attends summer sporting events. It was great!" - Reen 729

"Super patio umbrella!!! I bought 2 of these earlier this spring. I kept one and gave one to my daughter-in-law. They are perfect for outdoor sporting events. It made baseball season this year comfortable, sitting through very sunny and hot games. It even went to the beach with us this year and stood up to strong winds off the ocean. Great product!" - Raspada4

"Have a tiny deck at my condo with a couple of chairs and plants. No room even for a table with the capability to put an umbrella through the hole in the table. Now I have shade to sit outside and be protected from the sun. So easy to set up - love the tilting - and looks adorable. Very happy." - colordoctor

"I got 2 of these to use in our yard and to take to my daughter's ball games - where there is NO shade. I took one with me today to the ball game - I had many people ask me where I got that umbrella. It set up quickly, was light to carry, and did just as it promised - provided me with shade in the 100 degree, 100% sunny day. thanks QVC - I may have to order a couple more." - LUVmy3girls

"Just what I have been looking for. Perfect to take to the park. Love it for grandson's stroller. Fits under it just great. Everyone should get one!!!" - pattytrisha

"I purchased this item to use mostly for the car shows that we go to. We have two folding chairs and put this umbrella in between the two chairs. I really did not even read the instructions on the set up, and for me it was only common sense. Used this yesterday at a car show, and the shade was nice for the two of us. I already had mentioned to my honey, that I will be purchasing another one before the summer is over. Can use also at ballgames, picnics, etc. Many outdoor activities where you need some shade. The tilt idea also is great for where the sun shines and you don't want that in your face. I am keeping it in my car. Stores nice." - yarnlady

"I bought 2 of these and I just love them! We have a pool so I ordered them for the 4th of July. I had so many people ask me where I got them. They are so easy to set up and take down. I will be taking these to my granddaughter's soccer games for sure." - Gmom777

"I ordered this for my back patio rather than as a "portable" umbrella. I just didn't want a large umbrella taking up so much space on the patio - and this is just the perfect size. I have it near the house between two brown wicker chairs which help to stabilize it if it gets a bit windy - so far no problems with it blowing over. I just redid my back yard with a flagstone path, tiered rock garden and lots of QVC ornamental pieces (including the solar lighthouses & the Home Reflections flameless candle lanterns along the path, all of which look wonderful...but those are different reviews!). I ordered the red umbrella and I swear that the lovely color is helping to attract hummingbirds into the garden! I think I'll order a spare just in case!" - Potsticker

Just received my 2 umbrellas. They went together very easily, and have options for sand, which is nice. A lot of the reviews said they were hard to put together, but I didn't find that. It came with a nice zipper bag for storage or carrying. I like that they have the silver lining and the ability to tilt that helps in blocking the harmful sun rays. And of course, the cup holders are an added plus! I bought two...the price was great and should give us good shade when we are camping." - Luv2Camp

We have had this umbrella for about 18 months and really put it through its paces. Multiple beach trips using the sand screw but more often we have used it at pool parties, soccer games, etc with the tripod. It holds up well in a pretty stiff wind and has shown no signs of wear. I highly recommend it. - Gillian

I got this portable umbrella to use while working in my yard. I cannot bear the sun or the heat and have used this countless times. It truly expands the amount of time I can work in the yard by keeping the sun off of me. - Kaviar (Alabama)
Great purchase!

We love this umbrella! I am so glad we invested in this for all of our kids' events! The sun is just too hot for me so I love that I can quickly put this up or take this down. Works great! - K. Buller 

It's a really good size umbrella to use at softball or baseball games. I love the drink holders and the extra hooks for you to hang your purse. I also like the handy bag to carry it in. - Lyd B

Umbrella is fantastic. I've used it for 2 weeks now on my hot dog cart. It is wind resistant. I had 5 umbrellas shatter on me last year from the spring winds(of course a different brand). I'm so impressed that I am ordering another. Happy Happy Happy! - Christine

I purchased this for use on my pool deck but I was pleasantly surprised how compact it can be stored and set up was easy! It can tilt to block the sun and it does block it very well, while packed up in it's storage bag (included) is not much bigger than a camp chair! Considering this, it can be used in a variety of places - home, camp, the pool, the beach, etc. - Rick

Great product, had one for 4 years. Used it for baseball tournaments and soccer tournaments. Some fields will not allow umbrellas because of tearing up turf with holes or some are concrete fields.The 3 point stand is great for all fields. Get many compliments. A must handy buy! - Coach from Diamond Bar

This product is the best, best, best!! After buying one for myself ,the whole family now has one. We are sports fans and beach goers take it everywhere, always in the back of the car..Everyone should invest in one or two don't sit in that california sun one minute longer. - Gilly

We use this for all of the field games of our 4 grandchildren. Easy to put up and very good quality. We are pleased with the product and 2 other people who saw us use it have since purchased. - Sharon

I have used this Wondershade umbrella for years on soccer and baseball fields, in the yard doing projects and at the beach. It goes anywhere and has been everywhere. My mother saw mine and asked me where I got mine. I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and picked one up. It is easy for her to manage and she's in her late seventies. - Granny

I love this umbrella shade! I use it for my son's sport events and practices. It is just enough room for one or two people. It's easy to carry around and easy to assemble. Great purchase and price! - Sports Mom

My daughter lives at our neighborhood pool, but it gets so hot and there's not a lot of shade. This is one of the few umbrellas I've found with 'feet'--most of them are the stab-in-the-ground type. People kept asking where I got it and I told them I ordered it from Target online. It's also good for early fall soccer when it's still really hot outside. The cup-holders are a nice bonus. - Julie from Atlanta

I am an avid gardener, yet struggle during the summer with the heat. The Wondershade has solved my problem. It sets up fast...tilts to whatever angle I need to shade the area I am working in AND securely attaches to the ground, so even when a storm blows in - keeps standing. I can work all day, avoid the heat and harmful rays from the sun! Take down is quick and fits in my storage bench. - Garden Girl

This is my favorite portable umbrella ever! I get more compliments and many friends asking where I got it and how could they get one. I have purchased two of them for family members. Must have item! - Suzi from Fullerton