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Wondershade Portable Umbrella

Portable protection from the sun..... wherever you need it!

Tired of being held captive in the sun when you are trying to enjoy a soccer game or other event? Ultimate Wondershade™ is your solution! A portable, lightweight sun shade, the Ultimate Wondershade™ tames the sun by blocking 98% of harmful UV rays. Easy and quick to set-up in just 10-15 seconds. The Ultimate Wondershade™ adjusts in height from 3’ to 8’, making it perfect for covering a stroller, standing to get a better view or anything in between. The 60” umbrella top tilts to better block the sun. The vents allow for air to pass through. Includes accessory collars to attach the (2) cup holders and (2) utility hooks for hanging towels, bags, jackets, or anything else that you want to keep off of the ground.

When you get to the beach, don’t spend all your time setting up. For beach time fun, the Ultimate Wondershade™ has a built-in sand screw with a twist handle to give you quick, convenient protection from the sun.

Lightweight, at just 10 lbs, the Ultimate Wondershade™ comes packed in this convenient carry bag with shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.

Great for any outdoor event: Tailgating, baseball games, soccer games, poolside, parades, covering the stroller, gardening, the beach, working in the yard or relaxing on the patio.


                                Carry Bag                                                         Sand Screw                                                    Twist Handle

                     Wondershade Sand Screw         Twist Handle

Your take anywhere, use anytime personal oasis