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Wondershade Instructions

Best Practices:
Sunlight comes from all directions, both direct and indirect. While a sun shade provides a level of protection, there are other factors that can lead to exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Most notable is the reflection of the sun off of sand, water and other surfaces. Wondershade™ will block a significant amount of UV rays directly above the user, but it does not eliminate the need to consider best practices to avoid exposure to the sun that include using sunscreen lotions and sprays.

Instructions for Assembly:

Contents: Base, Umbrella, Accessory Collar, 2 Hooks, 2 Cup Holders, Sand Screw Handle, 3 Stakes and Carrying Bag

Set-up base as follows: Loosen leg lock by turning knob (1) counter clockwise and slide collar (2) down the base shaft until legs are extended. Secure legs by turning knob clockwise to tighten. Adjust telescoping base post height via the quick release (3) on base. Extend telescoping post to desired height and close quick release. *NOTE* Telescoping base post (4) with sand screw is removable. To remove, open quick release and pull telescoping post to top of base. Rotate post to align notches in sand screw (see illustration C) and the top of quick release collar (3) and pull post out. Follow same procedure to insert telescoping base post back into base.

Set-up umbrella as follows: Locate and attach removable accessory collar (6) onto umbrella shaft prior to placing umbrella into base. The collar is secured via the quick release (see illustration B). Open quick release (5) on base by moving to horizontal position. Open umbrella and insert umbrella shaft into base and set to desired height. Secure umbrella in base by moving quick release to closed position (press downward).

Tilt umbrella as follows: Press button (7) located on tilt mechanism to unlock and tilt umbrella (see illustration A). Release button to lock.

Optional ground stakes: The three stakes included can be used to secure the Wondershade™ in place by inserting them through the holes (8) in the legs and into the ground.